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What is SEG and what can it do for me?

If you need a large seamless print (emphasis on LARGE) then this popular graphic solution (SEG) is worth taking a serious look at.

SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) is a high-resolution dye-sublimated fabric print graphic, finished with a thin silicone gasket edge. The silicone gasket is sewn directly to the edge of the fabric. That integrated edge gasket is then inserted into an aluminum frame with a matching recessed groove.

Step by Step SEG installation into Frame

Once attached, this method allows for a very thin visible frame edge and a very taut (drum like), wrinkle free print surface.

A major advantage of SEG is that very large graphic sizes can be printed “without” seams. Currently a max width of 117″ (finished) with a max. length of 400″ (finished) is possible. If seaming is not an issue and you have the option of designing those seams into your layout, then graphics of virtually any size can be printed using this method.

SEG-Wall Graphic
SEG Wall Graphic

Another major benefit are the greatly reduced shipping & handling costs. Many times when using large solid panel graphics, expensive shipping crates, pallets or other heavier packaging methods are required. This is not necessarily the case with Silicone Edge Graphics and aluminum SEG compliant framing. Printed Silicone Edge Graphics can be carefully folded and the aluminum framing consolidated for packaging in a much more economical size when compared to solid panel graphics of the same print size.

SEG-Back Drop
SEG GraphicBack Drop
Pliko LED w/SEG Display
SEG Display Wall

Typical applications include Photo Backdrop Walls (low to no glare), Wall Mounted Graphic Frames, Modular Trade Show Wall System Graphics, Freestanding Kiosk Graphics (single or double-sided), LED Rear-lighted Graphics, Hanging Signage and much more.

Silicone Edge Graphics are supported by all of the major exhibition modular aluminum channel systems including Agam, Octonorm, Modul, Infinity and Nouveau to name just a few.

In Conclusion

If a LARGE, impactful, lightweight and cost effective graphic solution is what your messaging requires, then Silicone Edge Graphics may be for you.

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