Gesture Recognition

A powerful tool for engaging with your customers & attendees.

From the exhibit hall to retail display windows, our technologies bridge the gap between your customers and your brand message.

Gesture Recognition changes an observer into a participant. No need for keyboards, controllers, or brand assistants, Gesture Recognition allows an attendee to navigate your activation freely, using their own body rather than cumbersome and outdated controllers.

Gesture Tracking

Gesture Tracking

Instead of passively viewing your message, Gesture Recognition brings the participant inside your message. Any movement, whether the flick of a finger or the waving of an arm, can become a vehicle for software interaction. Even an action as simple as pointing a finger can become a powerful way to make your brand more interactive and promote lasting emotional connections.

Gesture Recognition can scale up from a single participant to a whole room. No matter the size of your activation, there is a way to make it both more interactive and more emotionally impactful.

There’s no gesture too big or too small; If you can see someone do something, so too can the hardware and software involved.

Some examples include:

  • Interpreting a participant’s face to see whether they are smiling and engaged directly with the activation
  • Mapping the computer cursor on a display to the participant’s finger, following as they pointed at the screen
  • Keeping track of a participant’s body as they dodge objects flying towards them on a large display

To learn more about Gesture Recognition, see our in-detail posts below:

Body Tracking

Body Tracking is a software and hardware process which simultaneously monitors each part of the body, from limbs to finger tips. The body’s position & movement can then be seamlessly interpreted to draw conclusions about what a person is doing.

Facial Engagement Tracking

Facial Engagement Tracking is another way to measure an event participants willingness to engage. Using specialized camera hardware and custom tracking software (developed to measure a person’s facial expressions) it is now easier than ever to measure audience engagement.

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