Facial Engagement Tracking

And the Visual Analysis of Facial Expressions.

Facial Engagement Tracking is another way to measure an event participants willingness to engage. Using specialized camera hardware and custom tracking software (developed to measure a person’s facial expressions) it is now easier than ever to measure audience engagement.

Want to know if they are happy? Measure the corners of their mouths, eyes and nose for a smile. The direction and relationships between more than 1,000 different points on the human face can be measured to help determine a persons engagement.

Is the participant starting to lose interest? Make something dramatic happen by using the participant’s facial expressions to change the narrative of the interactive.

Is the participant starting to wear down? Give them a bit of a break so that they don’t wear out. Similarly, if another participant is struggling to learn a concept presented by the interactive, provide them with special help and instructions.

Facial Engagement Tracking

The ability to recognize and react to these sorts of emotional responses is what allows Facial Recognition to turn an interactive event into both a measurable and memorable experience.  Even if an interactive’s content does not lend itself to pacing or narrative control, participant analytics are easy to gather.

A few examples of possible participant analytics include:

  • How many participants engaged with the interactive?
  • For how long did the average participant engage with the interactive?
  • How many participants smiled at least once?
  • What level of auditory response did the participant have?
  • Was there a measurable response to the key points of the interactive?

In conclusion, having access to these sorts of analytics is a game changer when it comes to event design.

Facial Engagement Tracking

No longer do you need to wait until after the event to find out if your approach was successful. You can now update and revise your presentation while you still have your participants attention during the event.

Facial Engagement Tracking is part of our series on Gesture Recognition. To read more about our interactive solutions and how they worksee our post here.

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