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It Starts with a QR CODE

We have launched a new product that will provide another interactive option for those wishing to extend their trade show and event marketing efforts. This option will allow you to “QR Code Connect” your display graphics to the web.

With this option you can convert a static graphic into an online experience. Using a QR Code embedded into your print graphic and linking the code to a micro website you can now “QR Code Connect” your static print graphic to the web using a mobile device, phone or pad.

With a “QR Code Connected” display you can now connect online surveys, run promotions, collect contact and lead info or just add all that extra information that changes from event to event. The opportunities are boundless.

The way it works is simple.


QR Code Example

Example QR Code

1) Create your QR code using our FREE QR Code generator
2) Send us your design (or have us create your design) with your QR code included as part of the layout.
3) Point your QR code to your own website or team with us to create and host a micro website linked to your QR Code.

It’s that SIMPLE.

Microsite Enabled Advantages…

Are numerous, indeed. Several of the most popular reasons we encounter are:

1) The need to “collect” user input on a product or for contact and lead generation purposes regarding a specific product or service.

2) The need to update or revise a product or service that is in a state of constant change.

3) As a “More Info” link about a specific product with extended specifications etc.

4) The need for an online presence regarding a specific product or service not included on a corporate website for a wide host of reasons.

5) The ability to add web analytics to a specific product being marketed at a trade show or event.

Microsite Enabled Print Graphics

Offer yet another interactive option for those wishing to extend their brand marketing efforts.

Contact us here if you would like to learn more.

QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED in Japan and in other countries.

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