Printing QR Codes

Printing QR Codes

Printing QR codes have become a popular way to further brand engagement, thanks to the rapidly growing number of people carrying smartphones capable of installing scanner software.

Furthermore, according to the PEW Research Center January 2017 Mobile Fact Sheet approx. 95% of Americans now own a cellphone and 77% of those own smart phones.

In addition, a review of QR code scanning software on Google Play as of June 2017 shows between 50 and 100 million installs of one of the most popular apps known as “QR Code Reader“.

Several Design Considerations

Size and Image Contrast are important. Both will effect how well and how fast your QR Code is able to be scanned.

QR Code Example

QR Code Example

Not all mobile phone cameras are the same. Always test your QR code at full size. We suggest creating your QR code using the PDF format. PDF is a vector file format capable of being adjusted to virtually any size without image loss. This format can easily be scaled using vector editing software like Adobe Illustrator etc.

* To learn more about other available QR code file formats, click here.

Print copies at various sizes and experiment with different distances and lighting to get a feel for the best scanning distance for your application. Test with more than one phone using more than one scanning software if possible. 

In addition to the correctly sized QR code the higher the QR codes “image contrast” the more likely you are to have both a quick and successful scan. 

As a point of reference, a black QR code on a white background will give you the greatest visual contrast and the highest success rate.

Use of color or images included with your QR code are also possible but should always be test printed on the final material you intend to use.

For instance, if the print material has a gloss finish and lighting glare is of potential concern, have a sample printed first for test scanning.

Print Applications for your QR Code

QR codes are a popular way to quickly and efficiently transfer information using the camera scanner on your cellphone. You can transfer text, a URL, your contact information, your phone number or even an SMS text message with a QR Code.

To learn more about what types of information you can encode within a QR code please click here.

Do you need to rapidly share your business contact information with someone? Add a QR code to your business card.

Do you want people to learn more about a specific product at a trade show? Add a QR code to your banner stand display graphics, or any other trade show display for that matter. 

Using QR Codes

We can design & print both permanent and temporary QR codes for your display hardware and graphics.

Removable QR Code-2

Have an idea or question about Printing QR Codes on your display? Click here to contact us for answers. 

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