ADVANCE / IMAGINE Banner Stand Cassette
ADVANCE / IMAGINE Banner Stand CassetteADVANCE / IMAGINE Banner Stand Cassette

ADVANCE Banner Stand Cassette

ADVANCE Banner Stand Cassette

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ADVANCE Banner Stand Cassette (includes Graphic)

Is a replacement graphic for the following banner stand hardware.

The Advance Double-Sided Banner Stand is a premium grade, graphic cassette banner stand that can be used as a single or double-sided display.

A major benefit of using a cassette/cartridge based banner stand system is that you can replace the graphic easily and without tools.

Important Note: This cartridge is identical to that used in the Imagine 800 (single-sided) banner stand (same hardware, same price).

This package includes both the cassette and one (1) single-sided banner stand graphic. Also included is a limited lifetime hardware warranty and a 1 year graphic print warranty.

Select from 3 different graphic substrate options, specifically:

– Anti-curl Standard Vinyl (included in price)
– Dye-Sub printed on Premium Fabric
– UV printed on Supreme Melinex 

Please note: The ADVANCE banner stand is double sided and will require two (2)  graphic cassettes if you are changing or replacing both graphics.
Your ADVANCE banner stand cassette will arrive with the printed graphic pre-mounted in your graphic cassette and ready for use.

If you would like to explore other Cassette based banner stand systems please feel free to contact us (click here) and we will be happy to send you a selection of additional systems for review.