GrandFabric Outdoor Backwall Display
GrandFabric Outdoor Backwall DisplayGrandFabric Outdoor Backwall DisplayGrandFabric Outdoor Backwall Display

GrandFabric Outdoor Backwall Display

Take your brand and message outdoors.

Available in TWO (2) Sizes:

SMALL: 91.5″ wide by 94.5″ high
LARGE: 115.5″ wide by 94.5″ high

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Stabilizer Options

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Product Description

GrandFabric Outdoor Backwall Display
The EXPAND GrandFabric Outdoor Backwall Display is the world’s first portable outdoor graphic backwall. Now you can take your message outdoors with the same great hardware and print graphics you have come to expect from this world-class manufacturer of event and trade show displays.

Available in TWO (2) Sizes:
SMALL: 91.5″ wide by 94.5″ high
LARGE: 115.5″ wide by 94.5″ high

*LARGE model shown in photos above.

Package includes the following components:
– One (1) Frame (Large or Small)
– Print (s) 1 or 2 prints based on option
– One (1) Hard Omni Case – 68” x 13.5” x 13.5”

Optional  components:
Water weights (2) or Ground Spikes (4) available.
(see photos and details below)

Each frame size option (Large or Small) is available with either single-sided or double-sided printing. *When single-sided the back is White.

Perfect for music festivals, professional sports activations or traveling product engagements. When you want to promote your message and brand outside, regardless of season or weather conditions, this is your solution.

Features & Benefits:
– Uses the same frame as the Expand GrandFabric
– No tools required
– Very fast and easy setup
– A durable & rugged design
– Built to withstand tough transportation and harsh weather conditions
– Aluminum, stainless steel hardware – resists corrosion
– Withstand a max windspeed of 20 m/p (w/ two water tanks)
– Can be used on most level surfaces including: asphalt, sand, grass, & concrete.

Learn more about this great product on our BLOG (post).

Graphics made for outdoors
Expand uses a pillow-case graphic system that slips over the Expand GrandFabric frame.

The material used for outdoor graphics is water resistant and has a 6 month limited lifetime warranty against fading.

Straps on the support feet slip through small sewn slits on the bottom of the graphic and lock in place to prevent movement. The material is pulled tight to resist wrinkling and ensure your message is viewed clearly with no obstructions.

Support from behind
The Expand GrandFabric Outdoor feet come with two built-in support bars with 360° hinge clamps that hold onto the sides of the frame and lock it in an upright position.

The feet are secured in place by a weight bar that folds out and fits across the top of both feet from behind.

Additional weight should be added to this support bar. Options include: full water tank kits, ground steaks or your own weight solution (sand bags etc.).

Optional Water Weights
Water weights ship in sets of 2 (boxed individually).

Water Weight with Built in Carry Handle

Water Weights
Water Weights in Place Over Support Bar

Optional Ground Spikes
Ground Spikes are shipped in sets of 4.
(Mallet not included).

Ground Spikes (4 per set)

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