LAMBDA Color Display Prints

Lambda Color Display Prints

Professional Grade Lambda Print Products are perfect for new and or replacement display applications.

This product is sold pre-cut to your specific size(s) as required.

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LAMBDA Color Display Prints are high quality, professional photo paper based, color photo prints with an optional “High Density Lexan” (HDL) laminate finish to provide extra protection for your graphic investment.

Our Lambda color prints are produced by a digital laser (camera) exposure of your artwork onto professional grade photographic films and papers. This product is NOT an inkjet print.

If your graphic travels from event to event and is handled during installation and dismantling of your display the HDL laminate option is what we suggest for you.

If your graphic will be professionally frame mounted behind glass in a showroom or office then the NON-HDL laminate option may be for you. Without the HDL protective lamination this product finish is sensitive to the touch, as is any professional photo paper emulsion.

This product is designed for use in both flexible and mounted display applications, including: wall mounted prints, popup display graphics, retail kiosks, custom retail displays and virtually any other display use that requires the best color, continuous tone and durability available.

The Lambda printer uses lasers to expose the desired digital image onto large rolls of photo paper and or film. The large rolls are then transferred from the Lambda to an exposing unit that rolls the photo paper or film through a special developing formula. The graphics exit the chemical bath dry and are now ready for lamination. Once laminated the graphics are cut to size by laser cutters and outfitted with any requested hardware or other finishing items.

Lambda is an industry standard graphic process that provides true photographic continuous tone print images while maintaining the flexibility of a modern commercial digital art file.

HDL Lamination

All of our prints are encapsulated in an extremely durable satin finish high density lexan for maximum protection and life expectancy, unless you choose to select the NON-Laminated version of this product. All of our Lambda print products come with a lifetime guarantee against de-lamination.

Your digital image/artwork will be printed at the requested size from edge to edge and optionally laminated with a protective high density lexan finish.

We specialize in custom sizes for replacement images in existing display hardware.

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