Navigator Concave 10FT Exhibit
Navigator Concave 10FT ExhibitNavigator Concave 10FT ExhibitNavigator Concave 10FT ExhibitNavigator Concave 10FT ExhibitNavigator Concave 10FT ExhibitNavigator Concave 10FT Exhibit

Navigator Concave 10FT Exhibit

Made in the USA  USA

This product is available with either a Single or Double-Sided Print Option.

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Price & Qty.


Double Sided Option

Light Blocking Fabric Layer

LED Arm Light(s)

Price & Qty.

Product Description

The Navigator Concave 10FT Exhibit is a lightweight, full-sized 10′ back wall display system.

It is constructed & printed in the USA of top-grade aluminum tube and pillowcase-style dye sub fabric graphics.

Navigator displays are hassle-free kits that have been designed as turnkey solutions.

Frames set-up within minutes using a Quick-Connect tube framing system. Pillowcase style printed graphics slip easily over the frames and zip tight for a clean presentation.

Navigator is a premium product with zero sacrifice to design or quality.

– Hassle-free
– Lightweight aluminum and fabric
– Frame and graphics made in the U.S.
– Packs into a hard case
– Precision frames – no awkward fits or pinched fingers
– Great-looking popular shapes or full custom

– Quick-Connect frame
– Kit solutions for a 10×10 or 10×20 space
– Easy-to-follow instructions and labeled frame sections
– Heavy-duty zippers
– Top-of-the-line Dye Sub Graphics
– Graphic templates for existing kit shapes
– Expert Sewn Pillow Case Graphics
– Custom frame options
– Lights available
– Durable hard case

– DOUBLE-SIDED printing option.
We suggest a light blocking layer when printing both sides.

– Light blocking fabric layer
For extra opacity fabric density. 

LED Arm Light
Two (2) suggested per 10ft

Frame Specifications
115″w x 92″h

Graphic Size on heavy stretch fabric
Front ….. 90.75”h x 118”w
Back ….. 90.75”h x 112”w (printing on this surface optional)

Shipping Weight
With hard shipping case: 60 lbs.