Removable QR Code Graphics

Removable QR Code Graphics

Available in custom sizes with Quantity Discounts.
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Product Description

Removable QR Code Graphics are UV printed on pressure sensitive peel & stick material (TacTac™ 2.0) that can be used indoors or outdoors. Use it on Walls, Windows, Doors, Laminated Panels, Fabric Panels and then remove it when you are done.

12″x 12″ shown (removable piece), printed with your QR Code.

We can print any size you need, click here to contact us for pricing and options.

It is non-toxic, safe and biodegradable.

It Starts With A QR CODE

With this process you can convert a static graphic into an online experience. Using a QR Code embedded into your print graphic and linking the code to a micro website you can now “QR Code Connect” your static print graphic to the web using a mobile device, phone or pad.

With “QR Code Connected” print graphics you can now connect online surveys, run promotions, collect contact and lead info or just add all that extra information that changes from event to event. The opportunities are boundless.

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QR Code Scanning Software

iPhone Quicklinks to mobile QR code scanning apps can be found here CLICK HERE.

Android Quicklinks to mobile QR code scanning apps can be found here CLICK HERE.

Removable QR Code Graphics

Allow you to connect your display to the web. Contact us for assistance with this. It is easy and cost efficient.

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